Thursday, October 11, 2007

Radio show press release

Big Papa Pump and The Phinatic are joining a new network of online dolfan radio programs and their first show airs LIVE night at 7:30pm Eastern time!!!! The show is called Dolfan Talk with Big Papa Pump .

The network will be known as Phinfever Radio and some of you may have already heard the PhinFever Live show that has been airing on Sunday nights. The plan is to change that to a pre-game and post-game show so look for news on that soon.

The network will also feature the witty Bitchin Dave on Friday nights.  On Wednesday nights there will be a show with Risa, a female host that knows her football better than most men, and will be co-hosted by founder Curt Fennell.

More additions will be announced soon!

The show tomorrow night will feature Dolphin discussion between BPP and myself followed by callers. Anyone can call in and get in on the action!!! We may have some special guests too, but that is more likely to happen after a show or two. In fact, the plan is to have lots of special guests like current players, former players, and other people in the Dolphin World!

Spread the word to your dolfan friends!
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