Monday, October 15, 2007

Player issues

Looking back now, I actually find myself thinking it would probably have been better if JT had gone ahead and retired.  Or, failing that, that he got traded somewhere along with Zach.  While I like those guys, I think it would have been better to have built a younger defense around Channing Crowder.  And that whole Joey Porter deal probably should never have happened, either.
We dropped from 4th overall in defense to 28th this year, with most of the same players, the defensive MVP, and the same defensive coordinator.  How does that happen?
And speaking of players, Lorenzo Booker actually dressed for the game this week, but never saw the field.
Donovan Darius started at safety, but suffered from "flu-like symptoms" and sat for part of the game.   He was repalced by journeyman Cam Worrell.  Then, when Worrell went down tiwh an injury, some free agent guy they signed off the street, who was not an every down player in college and went undrafted, came in and replaced him....all the while Jason Allen (who has been practicing at safety) sat on the bench.
Derek Hagan had himself the kind of game that often will lead to a player being cut during the week.  My grandmother played better than him.
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