Monday, October 29, 2007

The Patriots

Not to harp on it, but did I mention that Bellicheat is a poor sport? No? Oh well, allow me to rectify that with a comment that he was leading 38-0 heading into the 4th quarter against the Redskins, and decided he had to keep passing and run up the score to the tune of 52-7. Jerk. The football gods are awaiting their date with you. They don't like bad sports.

That said, last week, I pointed out how Brady has great accuracy and his line gives him all kinds of time. Allow me to illustrate the point with a couple of screen captures from their game this weekend. My respects to the NFL and Fox for this.

Here you see Brady lined up in the shotgun spread formation. He's standing about 5 yards behind the line at the snap. There's 11:37 on the clock.

Here comes the snap. Brady drops back an additional 3 yards and starts scanning the field. On this play, he throws the ball at 11:35, which means 2 seconds have ticked off. But, as you can see, there was no need to hurry. He barely had setup and saw his man right in the middle of the field - straight in front of him and right behind the umpire - and completed a passs to him. He could have easily taken another 3-4 seconds before he had to throw it.

Then, there was this variation on the theme. He had setup and was nearly 5 seconds into the play when the rush started to come in. So, rather than continue to look for a receiver, he simply tossed it to the back as an outlet. Because of the rush, there was no one near the back, and he ran for about 8 yards before he was tackled.

Simple concept that's big on fundamentals and execution. So, why don't more teams do it?
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