Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The nonsense just keeps coming

I did appreciate how Cam silenced Trent Green by simply placing him on IR. No discussion, just your out for the year. Then Trent says "I was hoping to come back, but oh well."

So, it turns out that Ronnie Brown tore his ACL. Apparently, he tripped over a blade of grass while chasing down a guy running back an interception. It figures, doesn't it? Especially since he's the best performer on my fanstasy team, and he's a "can't cut" player. I have to check the rules to see how I can cut an injured guy!!!

So, does this mean we'll be seeing some of Lorenzo Booker, or is he resigned to a lesser fate than Jason Allen? Or maybe we'll be seeing the return of Ricky Williams. Wouldn't that be special?
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