Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monday Night Football

I stayed up and watched the game between the Bills and the Cowboys, and while I found it entertaining, I felt like I was watching the Dolphins against almost anyone....The Dolphins, errr, Bills, took the lead, and you could almost sense that they would find a way to lose.
They threw a pick with just over two minutes left when they were in the redzone.  Yes, they did geta 5th pick off Romo a few plays later, but had they simply run on the play with the pick, there might not have been any clock left for the miracle finish.  This is where coaching *does* matter.
I liked what I saw in Trent Edwards.  He was the QB taken after Beck.  He's starting, and making good decisions.  And we're not seeing Beck because.....why, exactly?
The officials in this game did a better job than the ones did in the Miami game.  Take the Cowboy's plays after the failed two point attempt:
* They line up for the onside kick.  A Dallas player intentionally bats the ball down the field, to get away from the rush. It was recovered by Dallas.  When I saw it, I was thinking (a) that the player who touched it may not have gone 10 yards, and (b) he illegally batted the ball forward. 
* The officials conferred and it was reviewed.  They found that he was at the 10 yard mark, and they brought the ball back to the point at which it was batted.  So, they got the call right.
* On the first play, Romo threw downfield to Owens.  They rushed to the line and snapped the ball and spiked it.  In this case, I noticed the players had not set when the ball was snapped.  So, I'm wondering why there's no flag.  The result should have been a runoff of the one second, and the game would end.
* But, the officals ruled that they got a signal to review the Owens catch *before* the snap.  So, they were going to review it.
* I personally believe they blew this call, because they allowed the next play to get off.  In fact, the game should have ended because once the next play is blown dead, you can't review the previous play and "put time back on the clock"
* Turns out that TO did drop the ball, and they brought it back, and put time on the clock.  Weird.
* There was a pass out of bounds
* There was a second pass out of bounds.
* The kicker knocks it through, but the old timeout routine is used.
* The kicker knocks it through a second time.
* And there was a flag on the play for defensive offsides, which was declined.
All of this happened in 20 or so football seconds, which was more like 20 minutes of real time.  And the officials mostly got it right, which impressed me.
One of my points here, though, is that the Bills had to have a dozen things go wrong for them to lose. and all of them conspired to do so.  How Dolphin-like.  I guess when things are bad, they're bad all around.
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