Monday, October 29, 2007

Mayo article

Read this in the Sun-Sentinel Blogs:
So I was driving around yesterday when I saw the sign outside Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood, the message board that usually says something like “Teacher prep 10/26” or “Parent conference 11/14.” Only this time, it said: “SUPPORT THE FINS NO MATTER WHAT!”
I pondered this for a moment.
On the one hand, I thought this was nice, a lesson for the kids about loyalty and devotion, sticking with friends through thick and thin, for better and worse.
On the other, I wondered if this might be stretching things too far. Because shouldn’t we also teach our kids about the limits of blind faith, and how at some point some things are no longer worthy of support, especially if it’s costing mom and dad an arm and a leg?
I don’t spend money on the Dolphins, so I don’t have to worry about this. In fact, I now regard this debacle of a Dolphins season as some marvelous free entertainment, almost artful in its awfulness, sort of like the way Andy Warhol made art out of auto wrecks.
But if I was forking out beau coups bucks on tickets, this is the point where I’d be seriously questioning my faith, wisdom and fanaticism.
At what point do you cut the cord on a team, at what point do you say it’s no longer worth the emotional and financial investment?
What’s your plan? Are you taking Sundays back for yourself, forsaking lousy football for the beach/golf/fishing/gardening/needlepoint? Or are you going to keep punishing yourself?
Me, I’m going to keep watching (on television for free, of course) because the possibility of a winless season doesn’t come along every day. I don’t think it will happen, because in professional sports even bad teams usually stumble into an unexpected win along the way.
But this team has had so much go freakishly wrong in every conceivable manner (the starting quarterback got hurt blocking and the star running back ended his season making a tackle), 0-16 seems feasible.
As the sign says, I’m going to support the Fins no matter what.
Is it wrong that my version of support means rooting for the Imperfect Season?
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