Monday, October 29, 2007

Its Beck time!

Count me among those that think its time to see John Beck.  We now know that Cleo Lemon is a career backup.  I'm satisfies with that, and now its time to unwrap the potential QB of the future to see what he can do!
Psst, coach Cam, you lost some fans when you passed on Brady Quinn.  You've had some fans jump off the bandwagon during this losing streak.  What better way to bring them back around than to have a young, promising QB show there's hope for the future?
You've got a bye, so there's two weeks to get him ready to play.
Now, I do have a friend who feels even more strongly about it.  I'm not in total agreement, but it is worth noting: he said that if Cam doesn't start Beck then he shouldn't be the head coach, because he should be trying to win, both for now and for the future; and see what he has in Beck.
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