Monday, October 22, 2007

Guess I was wrong about that?

I had said this season would prove successful even if the team went 0-16 if they were competitive in every game they played.

They've played in 7.  They were competitive in 3 to my recollection.
7 games is the longest in-season losing streak they've ever had.  And now its at 10 games spanning back to last season.
That's just not good enough.  They stink, and from now on I'm going to use this space to once again find the humor in everything about this team, and critique them as I see fit.
They deserve nothing more, and I officially have given up on them for this year, and probably for years to come.  What chance do they have to improve?  More on that in another entry...
I actually find myself wanting them to finish 0-16, and the Patriots to finish 19-0, so Miami will be the laughing stock of the league AND their history can be obliterated as well...
I've had it with them.
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i agree 100%