Sunday, October 21, 2007

Game? What game?

As promised, I didn't watch a single play from today's game. And though I Tivo'd it, I will *not* be watching it.

I did call the Shed and talked to Mike shortly after the game started, and heard it was 7-0, en route to 14-0, but that was it. Otherwise, I stayed away.

I did come home and check the Dolphins site to get the final score...49-28 sounds like a blowout, and quite possibly like Bellicheat ran up the score. Certainly, Brady passing for 6 TDs would make me assume that. The football gods don't like bad sportsmanship, and I was wrong this week when I stated that Bellicheat is at least a good sport. He's just not. The football gods will exact their vengeance at some point and make the Patriots pay for running up the score against a lesser opponent.

Okay, so here's my take, based on what I know:
(1) if the Patriots somehow manage to win out - at least until Miami travels to New England - the Phins have no one to blame but themselves for not maintaining their own sense of history
(2) Bellicheat - and the Patriots - will always be cheaters in my book. Any wins they get are tainted, IMHO.
(3) This is the first time - ever - that a visiting team who was more than a 15 point favorite managed to "cover" the point spread.
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