Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Football 201

This entry is about technique. Braylon Edwards is becoming an elite receiver. Chris Chambers is a good receiver. I can demonstrate this to you on two plays.

On one drive, Miami found itself near the goal line. The call was to Chambers in the corner of the endzone. Look at his body position, and the way he's reaching for the ball. The coverage was good, so he simply stuck an arm out to try and get it.

Meanwhile, Braylon had two plays where he was well covered at the goal line, and both times he left his feet to negate the coverage and make the catch. In this one, in particular, he was remarkable. He left his feet at around the 5, and with his momentum, fell forward into the goal.

That's quite a difference in their technique isn't it? 4 times the Browns threw to Edwards near the goal, and he scored on three of them. Chambers had two opportunities, but came up scoreless.

Yes, you catch with your hands. But, you have to put yourself in good position to make plays.
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