Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Football 117

I was so pissed after the Dolphins game that I deleted the recording. Then, about an hour later, I was thinking about a couple of plays...but it was too late.

So, this week, I'm going to talk about the Bills and Cowboys game (why not? Its football isn't it?).

My thanks go to ESPN, the NFL, and the Bills on these.

The first play I want to look at is the 1st interception return for a TD. I thought Ron Jaworski did a nice job of breaking down the play, so the annotations are his. The idea on offense for the Cowboys was to create an area for the TE to run into, and have Romo throw him the ball for what might be a bog gain.

The safeties had deep responisbility, and moved to cover the wideouts on either side. That left the middle open, and the TE ran the route indicated. But Romo threw a bit of an errant pass, and the LB standing on the near hashmark at the 7 picked off the ball, and dashed into the endzone.

That's the kind of night Dallas was having early on...
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