Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Football 116

With respect to CBS, the NFL, and the Dolphins, I present a few plays.

All wasn't bad for Miami on offense. In fact, they were running well. And here's the reason: the offensive line was working in synch, and creating great holes for Mr. Brown to run through.

Take this play. The left tackle and tight end are pushing his man out left. The left guard and center are pushing hone guy right. And the right tackle is pushing right. The right guard - Hadnot (66) is pulling. He moves from his spot into the hole that's created on the left. His job is to get in front of Brown and take out the linebacker. Also, Peele has lined up in the backfield, and he will also go ahead of Brown to take out the safety farther dowfield.

The play works to perfection and Ronnie scores. Its no easy feat, since everyone has to work in synch, and Hadnot has to time his push into the hole to go after Peele.
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