Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Football 115

With respect, I'd like to show you what happened on Green's first pick. And by the way, I'll take some responsibility for distracting Trent because I said hello and wished him luck as he left the team hotel to head to the stadium. Had I said nothing or used the theatrical "break a leg," it might have been different.

Anyway, here's the way the play starts. I'm showing the basic routes the receivers are running, and how the pocket sets up for Green. Its a pretty well designed play in general, and it starts off well.

But, as Trent looks to make the throw to the receiver, he doesn't see the linebacker who is standing behind the umpire. I have to tell you that the linebacker stayed pretty much in the same place from the snap, and used the umpire as a shield. That is, it was somewhat intentional to "hide"....and it worked. Trent threw the pass, and never saw the guy. He picks it off and runs it back to the 10. The Raiders scored, and the rout was on.
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