Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Football 114

With respects, here is the kind of thing that happened to the Dolphins defense all afternoon.

Oakland went to the shotgun spread. The QB is lined up a few yards back with a back near him. There are 4 receivers spread out on the field. Miami, for some reasons, decides to counter by putting five defensive backs on the field. They're running a two-deep zone, to try and protect against the pass, but are conceding the run. Why? I have no idea. They're down by 11 with 3 minutes left. Play the run!

Anyway, they have 4 down linemen, and two linebackers who look like they're playing pass.

The play starts and Daunte drops back to pass, then he turns and gives it to Huggy Bear jr, and he simply follows his block. The linebacker on that side has responsibility to stop this play. But, in the circle, he's out of position, looking in the backfield, and presumably expecting the pass. There's no way to stop HBJ.

Its a 20+ yard gain that leads to the final TD.

Miami seemed awfully confused on defense for the second straight week...
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