Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Defensive backs

Cam had a great comment this week: "how often does a team lose 4 defensive backs in a single season....right now we're looking for a new safety, we're scouring the practice rosters, waiver wires, and the streets for anyone with nfl experience. If they're under 50, we'll try them out."

Ya gotta have a sense of humor about this.

Now, I was over at the training camp this afternoon, and I saw a line of guys going around the corner. They had one of those 'take a number' things like at the grocery store...and they were trying out all of 'em.

Heck, they even tried me out. I guess its true: white men can't jump, so they didn't offer me a contract.

One more on this topic: the Herald pointed out that there's an additional wrinkle to signing someone *this* week...they have to have a passport to play in London this coming weekend.
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