Sunday, October 07, 2007

A couple of game notes

* I believe Miami blew it when they decided to punt with 2 minutes left. They need a win, and punting it away is not the way to get it. Yes, its a long field goal, but come on!

* I thought on the series leading up to that didn't give Cleo his best chance to win the game. Yes, he had trouble completing passes because the Texans were throwing odd looks at him. But, its up to the coaches to help Cleo, and they didn't. I might extend that to most of the second half.

* After the field goal, the Houston players were celebrating. The announcers were right: the officials should have thrown a flag for excessive celebration, and maybe more. The entire team was on the field, which was patently against the rules. The Browns lost a game a few years ago when a player took his helmet off after a sack, thinking the game was over. Here, the players were all celebrating, and the game was not over.

* I was secretly hoping that Cam might use the "strategy" of calling a timeout just as the kicker was getting ready to kick. But, I wasn't surprised that he didn't.

* Miami still has never, ever beaten the Texans.
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