Monday, October 29, 2007

Advanced topics (offense)

On Miami's first drive of the game, they were moving down the field pretty well. But, then they first a 3rd and 2 at the Giants 30. They had run twice to get into this position. Later, they ran a rather odd play that saw Marty Booker take a snap, and dive forward. He fumbled, of course, but it showed they had some tricks up their sleeve.....but not on this play.

Cam was thinking pass here. He had the receivers run routes more or less as shown, and Lemon dropped back to pass. He tried to get it into Peele who was fairly well covered, and he was off target. Booker was open at the bottom of the screen, as the db had fallen down, but Cleo didn't see him!

And so it went incomplete, and the drive stalled. Feeley missed the 48 yard field goal, and Miami missed its big chance to actually score on an opening drive, score first, and actually have a lead. To me, this was the single most critical play in the game.

[again, our respects to the NFL, the Dolphins, and Fox]
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