Sunday, October 07, 2007

2008 draft

I promised that if Miami dropped to 0-5, I would start looking at the possibilities for 2008 draft picks, since Miami will undoubtedly finish with one of the first 5 picks.

Here are what we believe to be the top 15 right now, in no particular order:
* Darren McFaddenm RB (Arkansas)
* Brian Brohm QB (Louisville)
* Steve Staton RB (West VA)
* Jake Long OT (Michigan)
* Calais Campbell DT (Miami)
* Sam Baker OT (USC)
* Glenn Dorsey DT (LSU)
* Frank Okam DT (Texas)
* DeSean Jackson WR (Cal)
* Derrick Harvey DE (Florida)
* Kenny Phillips S (Miami)
* Matt Ryan QB (Boston College)
* Chad Henne QB (Michigan)
* Dan Connor LB (Penn State)
* Lawrence Jackson DE (USC)

We *might* have a QB, and it looks like our RB is doing well now. So, what do you think? Defensive line? Maybe safety? Not glamor positions, to be sure. But, Amoebi Okoye - drafted at #10 behind jr - looked pretty good today, didn't he?
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