Sunday, October 14, 2007

0-6. That's bad.

Miami's longest losing streak - ever - was 8 games. With the loss today, Miami's current losing streak is 9 games, dating back to '06.

And now with an 0-6 start, they tied the worst starts in 1967 and 2004.

Here's what I said on the ocassion in '04:

And as Zach pointed out, losing brings out all the critics. This week, jay Leno used Miami in his monologue: "[Friday Night Lights] is a terrific film. But if you want to see some real high school football this weekend, check out the Miami Dolphins."

The defense was worse this week than it had been in previous weeks. Are they slipping? Or is the fact that they're on the field so much hurting them? First, I'd say the re-insertion of TimBo into the starting lineup was detrimental to a point. He hasn't played in 10 weeks, and obviously wasn't as effective as he otherwise might have been. Then, I would say that the sheer number of turnovers and bad field positions has had impacted the ability to perform. And take this away from the game. Miami scored on its last possession in the 3rd quarter, and the defense took the field. Buffalo mounted a nearly 7 minute drive that ended in a TD. The offense went 3 and out, and the defense had to immediately retake the field. They had to be tired at that point. And besides, the Bills game planned merely to take away Jason Taylor. That did have an infleunce on the outcome, I believe. Other players need to step up, as Wale did last year.

Something I found funny: a decade ago, fans were screaming for JJ to come to town and replace the legend as head coach. 10-6 and often losing in the playoffs wasn't good enough. And they got their wish as the Don stepped aside. JJ had a run that was no better and no worse than Shula's, but his was marked by a lack of desire at the end. And then he brings his buddy Dave down to be the assistant head coach. He had to do some hard selling to H Wayne on that one, I'm told. When he did leave the game, he convinced H to make him the coach. Dave had a decent run for a couple of years with JJs players, but you can see how its been sliding since he took control. And now at 0-6, it makes you nostalgic for 10-6 and sitting home for the playoffs, doesn't it?

Does any of this sound familiar?
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