Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update from across the pond...

Our own Rich Wanker reports from England:

well, you must have thought," what a wanker" when I haven't sent you so much as a single line since you asked me to contribute. However, the truth is that except for all those NFL fans, who watch the games weekly, who watch the US networks NFL preview shows and who look at the internet sites like, no one else seems to know that the game is nearly upon us. There has been nothing I've seen in the national press or on the national network stations.

When Cam and Jason visited, it seemed to pass by without any headlines. I briefly heard them on an sports talk show in the middle of a weekday afternoon, when most people are working. Jason said they the players were a little suspicious at first but now felt is was an honour to be the first NFL match in the UK that wasn't an exhibition game. Maybe their match fee suddenly made them all honourable!
Cam was asked if Trent Green was a short term measure, to which he replied "long term in the NFL is no more than a season!".

There is to be a huge tailgate party at Wembley on the day of the game, but London at the end of October is similar to NY, bloody cold and probably wet! I wouldn't fancy having a BBQ dressed in an overcoat and gumboots!

Hopefully, I'll have more to report the closer we get. Sky Sports, our satellite/Cable provider here, shows a tripleheader every Sunday evening, with a choice of 6 games plus it airs the FOX and NBC NFL preview shows on a Saturday morning. The fact that the Fins matches have been shown here every week is testament to the number of Dolfans here.

Be in touch!

I personally expect that the reason they get no coverage is because, well, they suck.
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