Monday, September 10, 2007

Ted Ginn, Jr.

Sure was glad to see Jr. light it up out there! Wow, what a performance. We hear that Cam got a special roster exemption so that Jr's whole family could be a part of the team! Granny blocking for him was a real treat...

On that note, let's see how your Jr. stacks up against Devin Hester:

2006 Hester stats for week 1:
Receiving 0-0
Punt returns: 5-104 (20.8 avg) and 1 TD
Kick Returns: 0-0

2007 Hester stats for week 1:
Receiving: 0-0
Punt Returns: 0-0
Kick Returns: 1-29 (29 avg)

2007 Jr. stats for week 1:
Receiving: 1-7
Punt Returns: 4-20 (5 avg)
Kick Returns: 3-70 (23.3 avg)

Advantage: 2006 Hester.
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