Sunday, September 23, 2007

So what did Dave do?


He went and got his hair cut, and then ran some errands. But, through the magic of Tivo, he was able to watch the game in all its glory.

He's a little pissed off at the Phins, but at least they were competitive.

And if there's a bright side, its that there was a return for a TD this week! Oh wait, that was by the Jets, so never mind that one.

Okay, so the bright side might be that Ronnie Brown actually ran the football well today. Too bad it wasn't enough, but its a start.

A couple of additional comments for now:
(1) Why hasn't Miami had an interception against Pennington since, I dunno, the 90s?
(2) Did Trent really throw another pick? He sucks.
(3) Did Joey Porter play today, or was he at home with Zach Thomas?
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