Monday, September 03, 2007


There were 13 rookies who made the team (all 10 draft choices, plus 3 free agents), and 12 free agents. That means 25 players, or 48% of the roster, turned over.

Nealy 50% new faces. That's practically unheard of! Wow, talk about evolving the roster and making it your own! Cameron and Mueller certainly have done that.

By the way, late yesterday, Drew Mormino suddenly had a shoulder injury, and was placed on injured reserve. And Miami used the roster spot to pick up a free agent lineman from San Diego.

Incidentally, Miami has started filling their practice squad. They have one international player - a guy from Britain - who gets a red shirt season (and doesn't count against the limit) and presumably gets to learn about football and teach the entire country of England. Or maybe he's just the ambassador as Miami goes to London this season.

Anyway, we hope he doesn't become a wanker this season. So, behave!
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