Monday, September 24, 2007


I have decided to suspend the comparison of Ginn, Jr and Hester for the time being. 
And that's because its not a fair comparison.  Hester overall is a better and more skilled return guy who is feared around the league.  Jr is just a rookie who shows some great dance moves.
Instead, lets look at the whole NFL.

There have been 5 kickoff returns for TDs thus far this year.  Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Houston,  New England, and of course the Jets each have one.

Meanwhile, there have been 4 punt returns for TDs, from Buffalo, two from Baltimore, and of course Hester in Chicago.
So, each of Miami's foes in the east has a return TD.  And Jr doesn't!
As a side note, Miami put a lot of emphasis on its special teams this offseason.  A new kicker, a new punter, a return guy, some young draft picks to bolster the effort.  I had said it might pay off, because Miami was devoting attention to it. 
Ummmm, yeah.  Most of the rookies haven't seen the field on special teams, and Jason Allen isn't getting it done.  And we know about Jr.  And Leon Washington's style - which is similar to Lorenzo Booker's by their own admission -gets a TD while Booker is in danger of being cut.
Forrest Gump gets a TD against us.  How do you like that?
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