Monday, September 10, 2007

Pretty cool

The Phinatic and Big Papa Pump held a watch party at Bru's room in Pompano, so naturally, Bitchin' Dave had to come by. Ken from Phinzmania was there, as was the Dolfanatic. Crash Jensen was there...We had hoped for some additional former players, but none of 'em showed.

Still, it was fun. We all got to see this monstrously boring game together. At one point, there was a rainstorm and the DirecTv signal went out. There was a lot of hooting and hollering, and Big Papa got pretty funny about the whole thing. He is a passionate fan, and he does love his Dolphins! (there's a story about his passion when he started arguing with Ken about players that Ken was dissing!)

My thanks to Doug for suggesting the get together. I enjoyed it.

As an aside, I was sitting near Crash, and as the former player, he had some insights into some of the playcalls. I have some knowledge of the game, but lest we forget he was a quarterback, and could pick out certain elements on both sides of the ball that he saw before the play developed. That was pretty wild.
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