Monday, September 24, 2007

One more trend

I was curious how their 1st pick in each years draft worked out.
 In '67, you had Griese who lasted 14 years.
 In '71, the Phins had to give up a pick for Shula, who lasted for 26 years.
 in '83, it was Marino's 17 years.
 And you had Tim Bowens and Richmond Webb lasting 11 years each.
So, here's what's interesting - even taking out Shula - the trend is that players spend less time with the team.  That's partly an NFL trend due to salary cap, but clearly there's some root cause related to how well Dolphins picks do.
In 8 years, the Dolphins traded their 1st pick for something. 
Interestingly, Miami has only expended their first overall selection on a QB twice, and both worked out well.
They've picked (or traded for) a RB 10 times (including the two picks they gave up for Ricky), and most had short-lived careers in Miami
6 times they've gone for a receiver, and with the excpetion of McDuffie, they were short-lived as well.
Note on the graph that Shula's last year was 1995.  Only Patrick Surtain and Daryl Gardener have exceeded the 5 year mark.  (Though of course the jury's still out on Carey, Ronnie, and Allen in terms of longevity)
It does go to show that Miami hasn't hit a lot over the last decade or so...
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