Monday, September 10, 2007

Odd sequence

Miami coulda shoulda woulda won this game if they did some things right on their next to last offensive series.

Miami took over at their own 20 after a punt through the end zone. There was 5:30 left in the game.
Miami started marching down the field. Over the next 2 minutes, Miami ran 4 offensive plays to the Washington 28. Its first and 10, and the Redskins get called for pass interference at the 8 yard line.

There's 3:15 showing. Miami has a first and goal, momentum, and has just gotten a penalty in their favor.

But, the team fell apart:
  • First down, Hadnot gets called for holding, moving it back to the 18.
  • New first down, at the 18, Green rolls out slightly, his receiver is knocked down (watch the replay, he's taken out by a linebacker). Green throws it anyway, but he's maybe 10 yard back from the line, and he's just on the edge of the pocket. A flag comes out for intentional grounding, meaning the down counts, and there's a 10 yard penalty. It was questionable at best because the receiver was knocked down, BUT, I also noted that there were two linemen illegaly downfield. So, best case, there should have been offsetting penalties.
  • Now its 2nd and goal from the 28. A handoff to Brown nets 5.
  • On third and goal from the 23, its another handoff; this time its clear that they're setting up for what could be the game tying field goal.
  • At the 2 minute warning, Miami kicks that field goal.
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