Monday, September 10, 2007

Hidden play of the game

The score was still 0-0. It was still early in the game. Miami faced a second and 15 at the Washington 44. Its a passing play, and Trent Green drops back. He is quickly engulfed by the right end for a sack.

The replay made clear what happened. Vernon Carey stood up and took a step back and then extended his arms to try and stop the rush. Crash immediately said what I was thinking: "use better footwork, Carey." And Big Papa jumped on it, too, and commented how players don't use their feet well. He was trying to use leverage and arm strength, rather than using good footwork to get into a great position.

To his credit, he didn't allow another sack. But, his technique was flawed, and it probably was in his head for the rest of the day. Green had little time to throw, and mostly went underneath. I have to believe that part of that was by design, to keep the rush under better control.

I think this was a great example of a play that effectively ended hat might have been a nice drive by the Phins.
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