Monday, September 24, 2007

Football 111

[image removed]Again with respect...The o-line started off on the wrong foot. Early on, There was a play where Trent Green got sacked. Take a look at Vernon Carey (arrow) looking at the guy toward the center of the field, while a lineman goes low behind him.

As the play ends, Carey is mostly standing around, and the guy is making the tackle and Carey doesn't seem to notice.

As for the run game, early on, the Phins ran a two back set with Mauia being the lead blocker for Brown. For the most part, the linemen were using straight up blocking to try and move the linemen and linebackers, and Mauia was expected to clear the path (yellow line). This had limited success.

In the second half, Miami adjusted, and had the guard on the opposite side go into the hole first, and take out an additional player on that side, as shown by the red arrow. Or, they ran a trap block, where the guard would unexpectedly release his man and move to someone else, thus creating a hole.

Miami used the play shown here to set the tone and then changed it to make it work. And seeing Brown get over 100 yards shows that it did work.
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