Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football 109

...the thing about momentum is that it can change easily. On the series after the stop on Owens, the offense had a problem.

Now, I listened to part of the radio broadcast, basically after the odd sequence of punts that came after *this* play, and Jim Mandich suggested Miami imploded, and their problems could all be traced to the punts. I actually think it can be traced one play back; to this one.

[image removed] Again with respect to FOX, the NFL, and the Dolphins, here's the play: Miami was in a 3rd and 2. They had three wide receivers and a tight end on the field. One wideout was split right (at the top), while everyone else was on the left.

I've approximated the routes they were supposed to run. The object was to get to the yard marker, and turn around. Green would find the open guy and get a first down.

[image removed]Dallas' rush started to collapse the pocket very early in the play, as it had done countless times throughout the game. Green's first target was the receiver on the right (circled). But, a couple of things to note: (1) the receiver hasn't turned around yet because the protection broke down early, and (2) Dallas' rush is overpowering that side of the field.

Green's decision to throw to that side was flawed because there were two defenders between him and the receiver, plus there's a linebacker reading Trent's eyes, and the db on the receiver. In essence, at this point, the play is doomed.

Trent throws the ball and #90 (arrow) sticks his hand up and deflects it. And thus endeth the drive.

This was an example of some poor play on the field, and I think it summed up what I saw that didn't work, and also gives an idea of what Trent was doing wrong.
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