Sunday, September 16, 2007

Football 108

Miami came out in the second half, and started well. And with about 8 minutes to go in the 3rd, they had a trememndous defensive play that I thought (at the time) would force the momentum their way, and might make the game turn completely.

[image removed]With respect to FOX, the NFL, and the Dolphins, here's what was going on:
It was 3rd and 7, and Dallas spread Owens out to the left side, but in the backfield. Its an unusual formation because the guy farthest out is almost always on the line, but in this case, Owens was in the slot behind the line (in the red circle). Its legal, but can cause confusion. His route is shown by the red line.

Miami frequently put two defenders on him and ran either "double coverage" where they blanketed him, or a zone like the one shown here. Travis Daniels is #1 in the picture. His responsibility is the area inside the circle. Tillman was the safety on that side, and he was providing a deeper zone; he's #2, and the zone is around him.

DB #3 (I think it was Lehan) is basically matching up man-man against the receiver in front of him, but may get help from Tillman as the play develops. It was simple, yet effective. TO ran into what appeared to be a "seam" (the space between the two defenders), but they actually had him pretty well covered.

When the ball was thrown, they closed in on him, and were able to knock the ball away from him as he tried to make the catch.
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