Sunday, September 16, 2007

Different directions

I watched a couple of miniutes of the 9ers game today, and it got me to thinking....

Back in 2004, Miami and San Francisco finished with the same record. By virute of their schedule, San Fran got the first pick; Miami was second. They were both in need of new head coaches.

The niners picked up Mike Nolan, drafted Alex Smith at the top, got Frank Gore later, and started letting go of the lesser performers, regardless of how high they were drafted or how much they were paid.

Miami got Nick Saban, drafted Ronnie Brown with the next pick, and, uhhhh, no quarterback in any round, and kept a bunch of stiffs, some of whom are still around.

The Niners are 2-0, and look pretty good as Nolan has the team headed in a good direction.

Miami is 0-1, and facing a tough task this weekend. They have antoher new coach, still don't have a QB (well, maybe they do, but he's not playing yet), and Ronnie Brown isn't half as good as Gore, IMHO.

Talk about going in different directions.
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who is Marino? no super bowl wins. Montana 4 win 11 td's 0 int. Marino 2 td's 2 int's in 1 super bowl.. and you call him the best LMAO.. Brett Favre will have all of Marino's records this year, Plus he's won a super bowl :) Marino was a joke.. Montana is the greatest QB to play the game...