Monday, September 24, 2007

a couple of notable plays

With respect to CBS, the NFL, and the Dolphins, I'd like to make a few observations:

(1) Although Dan Dierdorf was adamant that Channing Crowder made a helmet-helmet hit on Chad Pennington, he was wrong. Although its fuzzy, you can see Crowder's head is up and he did no such thing. The ref got it wrong.

(2) After the game, Vonnie Holliday made a comment that he was caught out of position several times, and wound up playing nose rather than defensive tackle, and that led to some problems. This was actually a problem the Jets pace caused; and it also led to a pair of penalties where Miami had too many men on the field. Pennington was hurrying to the line, and if there was a substitution it had to be made quickly. And in the case of Holliday's comments, there is a difference of technique, and the way you attack the line. The nose tackle is all about controlling the center and what the guards do. The defensive tackle is trying to fill a gap. Holliday is better at the latter, and at times, the Jets would force him into the "wrong" position by scheming. This picture illustrates the issue. Holliday is circled over the center. He and the guy with the arrow should have been the opposite spots.

(3) On this play, the tight end moved from the left to the right of the formation. Again, Dierdorf mis-stated things. He said the penalty was for having two men in motion. The reality is that Peele turned toward the line before the ball was snapped. That's a no-no when you're in motion. Your shoulders must be facing the sidelines, then you can turn upfield when the ball is snapped.
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