Sunday, September 02, 2007

Coach wants to see you, and bring your play book

Yes, its that time of year again. The "turk" came to visit 22 players, as the Dolphins got down to the mandated 53 man roster.

As an aside, I don't understand that 53 man roster. You have a salary cap, why do you need to have a limit on the number of players? You could guard against teams potentially burying talent by being able to designate 53 or so players as yours, and anyone else can sign one of the other guys, much as they do with the practice squad.

There were no major surprises among the cuts. Except maybe for Corey Schlesinger who did not make the team as the beefy fullback. But, there's almost invariably one or two guys who you say "hunh" when you hear about it.

The two things I was surprised about were (1) that Derek Hagan stuck around. He showed nothing in the preseason, but Cam made a comment that he has a lot of untapped potential, so I guess I get it. And (2) that Jason Allen is going to be around for (at leat part of) another year.

I watched the game the other night, and paid some attention to him. His coverage was bad against some guys who will be working for UPS next week. He was out of position and got beat repeatedly. And on his interception, he was boneheaded. It was a third down play; the Saints were in that area out of field goal range. The ball came in to him around the 2. He made a nice adjustment to the ball, but he was down at the 2 and gave Miami bad field position. Had he caught it and turned into the endzone, it would have been better; or I would argue he should have simply knocked it down, and Miami could have taken their chances on 4th down. Yeah, its nice to see him make a play on a ball, but this was a tough spot.
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