Thursday, September 20, 2007


The Bill Belichick situation is not over.  Far from it.
The NFL may talk tough (or act tough) when it comes to players smoking pot, getting into fights, or making it rain at strip clubs.  And its an important ascpect to the overall success of the NFL.
But, there are two things the NFL has to take great precautions about.  The first is gambling.  And make no mistake that while the NFL allowed the common perception about Mike Vick being about dog fighting , the reality is that it was scary to think that Vick was bankrolling the operation.  Because bankrolling means he was the agent in a gambling operation.  Okay, so he wasn't gambling on NFL games so far as we know, but his alleged crime could lead people to believe that - or maybe he had information he was sharing with his friends who were.  His indefinite suspension speaks volumes on that topic.
The second is closely aligned to gambling, and that's cheating.  You can't allow the game to become tainted because someone gained an unfair advantage.  Maybe in Belicheck's case, it wasn't about gambling.  It was about egos and winning.  But, the fact is that he did something that changed outcomes, and it makes the game seem less important, less fulfilling.  Less fair.
So, I expect that Billy boy will one day soon find himself out of a job.  I don't think he'll be recovering from this one...
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