Friday, August 31, 2007


If you missed last night's game, be glad.  It was your basic snoozefest.  It gave new meaning to the term "preseason exhibition."  It looked vey much like a high school game between two very small schools with undersized players. 
And I can't believe the NFL charged full price for this nonsense. 
Miami lost 7-0, and the points were scored in the first quarter.  Most everyone who played was on the proverbial bubble, and this game either made or broke their chances of making the team.  There were a few exceptions, like Lorenzo Booker (who needed the playing time) and John Beck (who is still learning the NFL offense), but otherwise most of the names were not recognizable.
The only thing I noticed was that Cam put John Beck back in the game for the last few drives, presumably to see if he could pull out a late TD to make it interesting....but Beck looked like a mere mortal out there, and not the Superman he had looked like for the last few weeks.  He threw a couple of picks, and got taken down from behind on some rollouts.  In short, he invoked the spirit of Daunte Culpepper out there. 
It was a waste of a game.  But, it helped with insomnia.  And I suppose that part of the reason for that is that Mike Mularkey was given the opportunity to call the offensive plays.  Remember his great playcalls from last year?  Oh yeah, there weren't any.
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