Monday, August 27, 2007

Saturday's game

Now that I'm not a season ticket holder, I have to think about actually getting tickets for a game.  And this was one week where I wanted to attend the preseason contest.  And as the fortunes would have it, the Dolphins had partnered with the Broward County Library for a Summer Reading program.  And the prize for completing the program was tickets to a preseason game.  My kids were excited about the prospect and did their reading, thus earning certificates that could be exchanged for tickets.
...only the program needs a little work.  I came to find out that the Dolphins had donated something like 11,000 tickets for the frst preseason game, but had a much small number (I heard about 3,000) for the second game.  And that meant that if you didn't complete the program in time for the first game on 8/11, you had a small chance of getting tickets.
This prompted me to get in touch with the director of community relations with Dolphins.  I wanted to give some feedback about the program in the hopes that its better in the future.  The realty is that while the Dolphins had a nice concept, it broke down to some degree, and not all the kids were going to be able to to the game.  And, at the end of the day, the library was telling the kids the Dolphins didn't provide enough tickets.  And I have to believe that disappointed kids (and parents) agreed.
In the end, we wound up getting our tickets, and my kids were happy.
So, we go out, and get sticker shock for the price to park: $30 is exorbitant, and bit like price gouging, because you have no alternatives.  Fine... and when sit up there I notice that the section we were in has a lot of empty seats, and reltively few kids.  And I noted that the groups of adults seated around me (whose tickets I could see) had the same tickets that the library had offered.  How could that be, I wondered?
...and finally I wanted to make a comment about the couple of individuals who were sitting behind us.  They were yay-who Bucs fans that fell into the general category of fat, loud, and obnoxious.  And they were smoking these stinky cigars and flaunting the "no smoking rule" as they sat up there and annoyed us.
We had a nice time, and I would like to thank the Phins for offering it.  I just wish it had been run better.
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