Sunday, August 26, 2007

Roster spots

The more I see him play, the more I'm thinking Ronnie Brown may not be the starter on opening day. I'm sure he'll get a lot of playing time, but I figure Chatman has beat him out for the starting job.

Derek Hagan looks to be in a bit of a bind, as well. He was playing late in the 4th quarter, and dropped a couple of passes that by all rights he should have caught. After all, he played in NFL last year, was coached on his route running and ball handling, and was playing against guys who will be on the waiver wire on Tuesday. And yet, throws that were slightly off target were mishandled. The phins will probably keep 5 receivers, and you know Chambers, Booker, and Ginn will be the top 3. PK Sam is making his bid for the 4th slot, and who knows if Hagan can or will beat out the other guys?

Trent Green had a so-so outing. Don't tell me that it was all Ronnie Brown's fault that the interception was returned for a TD. It wasn't a great throw toward a covered receiver. Lemon had a better outing, but not great, either. John Beck is a stud. I really like what I see in him. He is a franchise type QB, and should be starting at some point late this season.

Brandon Fields is a remarkable punter. His distance and placement are phenomenal. There's a good punter Miami picked up.
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