Monday, August 20, 2007


There's been a lot of talk over the last week or so about some of the players who aren't living up to their hype, draft status, or whatever.  And how the Dolphins have been mismanaging personnel.
While some of this may have some truth, I'd like to deflect some of the criticism away from Randy Mueller.
(a) Randy came in after Nick already his 1st draft determined
(2) Nick made the personnel decisions thereafter, and Randy negotiatied contracts and arranged to bring guys in.
(iii) In this draft, Randy was responsible; and he had 10 draft picks.  9 of those guys are making some contributions (the exception is jr), and all 10 will probably make the team in some fashion.  There are also a handful of undrafted FAs, and some general FAs who Randy unearthed who are making a push to make the team.
(d) The decisions on some vets this offseason was partially for salary cap, and partially for their locker room habits. 
(5) Daunte may not have been handled correctly, but it was clear to us that Randy was never sold on Daunte, and Cam didn't want him, either.
So, I would argue that Dave/Rick, and Nick were the problems when it came to personnel, and Randy has done a good job of overcoming it.
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