Friday, August 31, 2007

Olindo Mare

There was a little humor in the game.
Earlier in the week, Cam Cameron had made a comment that he signed Jay Feeley because he was good at kicking in bad weather, where it was less of a certainty with Mare.  So, he decided to go with somebody "not from South Florida."  Feeley, for the record, is from Tampa.
Mare said there were no hard feelings.
But wait.  That's not the funny part.
Mare also said he was looking forward to kicking at home in a dome, and not on the infield dirt.  And the Saints play in a dome something like 13 times this year.
Mare was asked if he'd like to get a little revenge and kick the game winning field goal.  He said that wouldn't be as satisfying as if they won 49-0 to beat the Dolphins. 
Mare had three field goal tries in the game.  He hit the upright with kick number one.  Doink.  He was wide on the next.  Klong.  And he was short on the last.  Honk.
Yep, so he had one point on a PAT, and otherwise couldn't hit the side of a barn.
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