Friday, August 17, 2007

Football 105

Again, with respect to the various entities, here are a few defensive plays I saw Miami run:

[picture removed]
This play illustrates more or less how the Phins lined up in a zone defense to cover the field. The circles give an idea of what area of responsibility this defender had in covering the field. The lines indictae that the defender was 1-1 with an offensive player.

[picture removed]
On this play, Miami had man coverage on the defensive right (top of the screen), and a zone over the rest of the field. I've put circles more or less where the zones cover on this play.

The defensive line was trying to get pressure straight up the field, as the rest of the defense covered the receivers.

The problem was that the zone ahd a "hole" in it. You see, the receiver ran along the blue line, and the coverage moved around to try and pick up the various receivers. That left 81 alone in the middle of the field, and as soon as he made the catch, he turned up the field, and the other receivers blocked for him. This resulted in a TD.

More pressure might have changed the outcome.
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