Friday, August 17, 2007

A couple of notes

Turns out that it is the first time in pre-, regular, or post- season play that a score wound up as 11-10.  Kind of a quirky score, isn't it?
I gotta show some respect to Cam.  He knows its preseason.  He understands that this is all about evaluating your team and their readiness level.  In this game, he went for it several times on 4th down.  He got a chance to put the onus on his offense, to see if they could perform, and how they might do.  And then, in both this game and the last game, the Phins scored late and a PAT would tie the game.  He elected to go for two to end the game.  It would either be a win or a loss, and it gave the offense another opportunity to try something in a game situation.
I wasn't that impressed with Ted Ginn, Jr.  Frankly, I thought Jr was trying too hard, and thought he could outrun everyone in the NFL.
Beck is coming along well in his development, and I believe he'll get some playing time this year in certain situations.
The competition between Green and Lemon, I would argue, is "even" at this point.  They have each shown some ability, and I'll be curious how this works out, given my assessment of the QB situation.
I didn't get using Ronnie Brown as a return man.
I was amued by a promo I heard on 790.  Last year, 560 was touting the "real pregame show" leading up to the games which were on 790.  This year, 790 is touting the "fake pregame show" leading up to the game on 560.
By the way, the promo says that because the Dolphins haven't made the playoffs in five years, ``The Dolphins don't deserve a real pregame show. So we're giving them a fake one.''  And this forced Jason Taylor to try and reneg on a contract to do a show on 790.
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