Sunday, August 19, 2007

Around the NFL

I watched parts of a number of games last night. I couldn't help but notice how several former Dolphins helped their teams:

* In Tampa, David Boston and Kevin Carter had good outings.
* In Saint Lou, Randy McMichael didn't have a catch, but he did some blocking, and got called for a penalty on the opening kickoff.
* Meanwhile, in New Orleans, you couldn't miss Olindo Mare scoring some points.
* Wes Welker had a big catch for the Pats and was referred to as one commentator as the best off-season acquisition for the Pats.
* Daunte Culpepper had himself a good game as the 2nd QB out in Oakland. The NFL's website was touting his return.
* And of course, there was Brady Quinn's bug debut in Cleveland.

Incidentally, Joey Harrington started for Atlanta, and was noted for having a miserable performance. Where have I heard that before?

Kind of makes you wonder what the Phins are doing, doesn't it?
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