Saturday, July 21, 2007

Changes to broadcasts

I was reading something this morning that Joe Bailey will continue to have a weekly show on the radio, to which many asked "why? its boring radio." I see this as a further extension of the marketing arm of the team. He's out there saying what the team is doing, and doing the PR work. Its not a bad thing, and sometimes its moderately interesting. But, its not as compelling as the Marlins team president coming on his show and doing movie reviews and generally having fun.

I also hear Cam Cameron doesn't favor doing a weekly live show, but will be doing a pre-recorded show more like the previous coaches.

And Fins TV will be no more. Instead, they're coming up with a show that is "Dolphins All Access" which will have some elements that Fins TV had, but will also add the weekly coach's show as a feature. More importantly, the program will not be owned and controlled by the Dolphins. Rather, it will be the property of the local affiliate. That means that Joe Rose can ask tougher questions, and won't be limited to what the Dolphins tell him. This is probably a good thing, since Fins TV tended to be kind of silly...
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