Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The soap opera

This whole thing with Daunte is sooooo silly.  Its almost not worth commenting on, but how could I resist?
The Sentinel made a comment that the fans sympathy with Culpepper was puzzling.  I'll tell you why there's sympathy: its a way to show frustration about everything that's been wrong with the club over the last 5 years.  It has nothing to do with Daunte.  It has everything to do with wanting to hate the organization.
Anyway, on the situation itself, there has to be more than meets the eye here.  Why wasn't Daunte down here last year when he was first signed?  The team kept introducing him, but he was never actually there.  I think there may be something else happening there.
And the Phins are so, well, smug about the situation.  Why would the origanization not take the high road and release him, or even talk about him rather than letting it get it to this point.  I have to figure the Dolphins know something we don't.  Maybe Daunte is in some kind of trouble with the league?  Or maybe he (as the agent) didn't catch some nuance of the contract that gives the Phins some kind of an advantage, and Daunte is just a guy with a "bad attitude" ?
I just don't get it, and I have to figure there is something else happening here....
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hey you hit the nail on the head but I feel the org is hiding something and secondly green will not improve the dolfans anymore than culpepper or anyone else until they get a off coordinator who understand the game and can adjust during the game