Thursday, June 21, 2007

Season tickets

Earlier today, I received an email from some guy named Jared at Dolphins Stadium. It read:

As you already know the 2007 season is fast approaching. I am asking that you please contact me regarding the status of your Miami Dolphins Season Ticket Account.

We would love to have you back this season, please let us know what it will take. If you would like to move to the 100 level that can be done for you, if you plan to come back this season. Please let me know as soon as possible, I greatly appreciate your help

So, where's the problem here, you ask? Its that he sent it *to* all of the season ticket holders who chose not to renew. And by to, I mean he didn't blind cc everyone as they usually do. He apologized later in the day, but the damage was done. As you can imagine, the "fans" were rather annoyed, err, pissed off that he did this.

By my count, there were over 320 people listed on this distribution. I think I remember reading somewhere that the average number of season tickets per account is 4, so that would mean that the Dolphins lost *at least* 1,200 seats to non-renewals.
That would be about 3% of the season ticket holders who chose not to renew at a minimum.
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