Thursday, June 14, 2007

The practice fields

As I've said many times in the past, Shula used to have practices near the fans.  back at St. Thomas, you could approach the players while they were practicing.  When they moved to Davie, they created a spectacular new facility, and the rules were more or less the same.  There was a fence, but it was more to keep people off the field.
Then came JJ.  He put up covering on the fence to keep prying eyes out.  He put up additional barriers to keep fans and players separate (for example, an area to get autographs became a fence with a slot, so they could keep the fans "away"...
He also did something important: he had the team usually practice on field 2, which is the farther field from the fans (the orange and grey section are the fan seats):
Dave continued the tradition, and Nick went even farther by limiting access to the practices themselves, and then building the practice bubble (which is now located behind the stands, under the Google navigation tool).
But, Cam has made a change to all that.  He repainted the fields, so that both of them have ends that face the stands.  He has at least some of the practices happening in front of people who came out.
Its the small things, baby, the small things...
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