Sunday, June 10, 2007

A little more about Daunte

We've heard a lot of stories about Daunte along the way.  But, we've also learned some things that seem to have some truth to them.
(1) Daunte wanted to come here to play for the team he watched growing up
(2) Nick wanted Daunte here because he better fit whatever it was Nick wanted
(3) There was some dicussion about whether Daunte should start.  Nick would have preferred to wait until Daunte was healthy, while Daunte was adamant he was ready to start
(4) To focus on playing, Daunte let up on his rehab
(5) During the season, Nick wanted to have Daunte take some time to focus on rehab, and benched him.
(6) Daunte 'blew up' and said he was fine and couldn't understand why he was being benched (that is, he didn't *get* just how poorly he was playing)
(7) Daunte has since thrown Nick under the bus and said everything was Nick's fault.   We applaud the sentiment of course, but that's not entirely true.  Its a two-way street and Daunte had a hand in this, too.
We can't blame management for wanting to rid themselves of a guy who behaves this way
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