Sunday, May 27, 2007

Samoans in the NFL

Interstingly, Miami's 4 pacific islanders from the draft and college free agency signing period are all of Samoan origin. And, they have one guy from nearby Tonga (Steve Fifita) playing in NFL Europa this season.

What's intriguing is that there were 30 Samoans in the NFL last year. So, Miami's contingent is about 12% of all Samoans in the NFL.

Reagan Mauia was asked if they were going to teach the veterans the Haka. He replied that it was up to the vets, and demurely stated that they were just rookies and wanted to do the best they could.

So, what do you think Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas? That would be cool. And it turns out that Tala Esera was the guy who led the UH team in the Haka last season, so you've got the right guy on the squad. Seems like a fun activity for one of the long days of summer...

UH team doing the Haka
up close version

Here's what the Haka looks like from the All Blacks Rubgy team
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