Sunday, May 06, 2007

The numbers game

John Beck wanted #12, but of course, he couldn't have it, since its Bob Griese's retired jersey number. So, instead he picked #9...that's the number Robert Redford wore as Roy Hobbes in "The Natural."

(not to be confused with the last guy who wore it in Miami, one Jay Fiedler who was not at all a natural)

Travis Daniels and Andre' Goodman swapped numbers at Daniels' request. No money changed hands, as is often the case, but Daniels agreed to pay for Goodman's haircuts for this season. And lucky for Daniels, his very own brother handles the haircutting duties...

And interestingly, of the 85 players in camp, only 34 are holdovers from last year. That's only 40% of all players in camp that were around under the funny little man.

It also means that there will be at least 33% turnover on the 53 man roster come opening day.
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